Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: No, sorry, we do not ship internationally. Depending on the order, we may ship to Canada or the UK

Q: Just received my order. The colors do not match what I saw on your website. Why is that?

A: We are not professional photographers. We do the best we can at taking and editing the pictures for the pages. Not all browsers show images in the same way. It may also depend on your screen preferences. We do guarantee that if you order multiple spools of any color they will be chosen from the same factory run and be identical in color to each other.

Q: Are you a wholesaler?

A: No we are only a retailer of tulle, netting, and other crafting supplies

Q: I didn’t receive my order! What should I do now?

A: We will bring it to the attention of our PO and see if we can put a tracer out on it. If need be we will turn in an insurance claim for the loss.

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